Christian Michaud

Christian Michaud

Christian Michaud

Sculptor artist and comedian

Christian Michaud is a self-taught wood sculptor, inspired by wide spaces, the exploration of black and the essence of matter. Through mixed techniques, his unique creations are rich in depth and balance. The harmony of his works lies in the combination of figuration and abstract.


Born in Lévis (Quebec, CAN), Christian Michaud began his career as an artist in the theatre world where he distinguished himself in more than sixty recognized plays.
He observes a similarity between the performing arts and the visual arts. Just like acting in theatre, sculpture is a matter of precision, balance and sincerity in order to convey emotion to the heart of the observer. 

His journey takes him to travel and discover various territories of his country of origin, including the Yukon. The return to the essentials, the wide spaces and the natural beauty will inspire the artist. The depth and intensity of his works of woodcarving and wall sculpture are highlighted by the finesse, precision, and concern for the harmony of materials. 

Travelling between figurative and abstraction, Christian describes himself as a self-taught artist of wood carving inspired by the force of this raw material. However, he perfected his craft by training in cabinetmaking in 2012.

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